Self-leadership is about training our brain to go from letting external influences dominate our thoughts and actions to finding our inner focus and control. This lets us to take better actions and make better choices. Having the right tools is extra important when we find ourselves in situations characterized by uncertainty, anxiety or not knowing what the future will hold. For example, when we are going through changes or in times of a crisis.  

We all act different in stressful situations. Some get stuck in thinking about what to do, others become irrational and some impulsive. In this course we train ourselves to deal with different situations, build up resistance to stress and become more focused leading to more efficiency and better results. Many also say that they create more balance (less stress), find more inner joy and harmony, despite external stress.

The course is based on the latest research findings where we use mindfulness tools to:

·         Create an inner calm despite external stress

·         Increase self-awareness so that we act instead of react to situations

·         Make better decisions

·         Become more efficient and productive

·         Experience more balance and joy

·         Lower our stress levels 

The online course is experience-based where, in addition to theory, you will be given homework, relaxation exercises as well as interacting with other participants. Therefore, you will develop skills that you could never learn by reading theories. 

We will have 6 creative and inspirational meetings online (1,5 hours per meeting). The dates are the following: 

If you want to know more, email us at or call us tel: 031-55 13 00 to ask questions.

For more information or to register for the course contact
Johan Ohlson at LENZO or, +46 73 9-79 32 12 .