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How to embrace your power through self-leadership! 

Self-leadership through emotional intelligence is the key factor to unlocking our full potential. It’s about developing our ability to intentionally influence our thinking, feeling and actions towards our goals and objectives connected to our true values. It’s also about enjoying the journey towards our goals. 

Meet “the man in the white sweater”

As the Black Lives matter demonstration was going on in Gothenburg we saw on TV how a group of people started vandalizing shops. As most people stood by and watched one person choose to act, to intervein. An amazing example of self-leadership connected to emotional intelligence. Through the media we got to know him as the “man in the white sweater”.

In this webinar you will meet LENZO and Murphy Alex , the “man in the white sweater”, where we talk about how both individuals and companies will benefit from working with self-leadership. It’s the best way to reach our highest potential, an increased motivation, becoming more goal-oriented, dealing with crisis and conflicts as well as developing strong bearers of culture. 

What you will get out of this webinar

In this webinar you will get knowledge and an introduction to tools in how you can increase your self-leadership. We will share the latest research and talk about how you can change
your mindset as well as start taking the first steps in order to reach more of your potential.


When:  Wednesday 17th of March 2021 kl. 12.00 – 12.45

Price: Free