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What leadership is needed to build and maintain motivation, 

discipline, commitment as well as creating great results when working part time remotely and part time at the office?

The new hybrid way of working is here to stay! Companies need to adapt in order to grow and thrive and in order to do so invest in leadership as well as strengthening employee self-leadership. This will have a direct impact on employees’ motivation, commitment, well-being, the company culture, as well as the productivity and results! Companies that are quick to act will have a competitive advantage towards its competitors. 

What we know from the pandemic is that many people appreciate working remotely, it has given us a significant amount of freedom and a sense of autonomy. At the same time, many feel isolated, lack of motivation and psychosocial health is lower than it’s ever been. How can we balance this?  

Already this autumn, companies will implement hybrid ways of working, meaning that we each week work a few days remotely and a few days in the workplace. How does this affect group dynamics? How does it affect the corporate culture? How important is it to help employees to a strong self-leadership? How can companies benefit and create competitive and economical advatages in the hybrid way of working? What is important for leaders to focus on? This is what we will go through in the webinar. 

Give yourself the chance to be inspired and introduced to how you as a leader can manage your team and company in the leadership of the future. At the webinar you will get a clear introduction, useful theoretical knowledge and concrete tips on methods based on the latest research findings.

The future of leadership in the hybrid way of working

When:  Friday October the 22nd at 0200 to 02.50 PM (Central European time) or if you are in USA, 08:00 to 08:50 AM (Eastern time, UTC – 5)

Price:  Free


NOTE limited number of seats and first come, first served!