The family house is the project we are most proud of at LENZO and is in a way the heart of LENZO. When we started, it was important to find a way to give back to society and we chose to do so by focusing on our future: children and youth at risk. Especially those who do not have the financial means, but who really needs help, support, and guidance. The purpose and goal of the Family House is to help children and youth between 13-19 to graduate from school with qualified grades. We are starting up our first Family House and it will be a house to come to after school. Through the family house, we want to inspire other companies to work with social sustainability through their own charitable initiatives. 

Homework assistance

The core in the Family House is to give children and youth the prerequisites to graduate with qualified grades. A study done in Leksand, Sweden found that 12.8% of each age-group will end up in exclusion such as crime, mental illness, addiction, long-term unemployment etc. 

Individual coaching

Since the goal is to graduate with qualified grades, they also need to know what their motivation, and strengths are. Many of the youth have no idea why they are sitting at the school bench at all. Imagine yourself going to work without knowing why you are going there. We help every single person find their motivation and their strengths through coaching. 

Stress management

Many of the youth today experience fatigue syndrome from a young age due to situations and expectations of society. We provide exercise, yoga and mindfulness to manage stress. 

Life skills

We will provide knowledge and develop skills within conflict management, communication, and ways to deal with difficult situations and people both in school and workplaces.  


We will organize activities as motivation when goals are met. Everything from canoeing, different events etc.

Initiator: Sofia Andersson-Frindi and Lennart Karlsson