The company

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to work holistically, by treating the cause instead of the symptoms we achieve lasting results. We at LENZO advocate strength-based development, which through research has proved to create the best results. When the customer tells us about their challenges, we focus on what strengths the person possesses to solve these challenges, already there half the problems have disappeared. We identify the individual strengths, motivational factors, needs and deep-lying driving forces first. "You are not your challenges/problems, you are the strengths and power that rest beyond the challenges/problems".

 Our success formula is based on customizing programs/education, knowledge and theories that are otherwise general. To provide tools for development and at the same time adapt them based on the individual's reality. Then we get a balance between general knowledge and everyone’s own strengths linked to their reality. "We're not going to have surgery on the knee if it's the shoulder that we have a problem with."

Why choose LENZO?

Our customers do not choose us because we are the biggest or the coolest, but because we are value-driven and because we have as much heart as competence. We always look at the cause rather than the symptoms, which means that we get lasting results.

In our different programs, we alternate theory with practical exercises, which means that our programs are experience-based. It is not something you can learn from theory alone. Studies show that it is the best way to integrate knowledge and insights.

We base all our programs on the latest research findings. We are therefore constantly updated and a company under constant development.

We are simply who we claim to be. We are trust, we are quality, and we are lasting results